How to Advance the Date on a Tag Watch

watch image by petar Ishmeriev from

Tag Heuer is known for producing superior quality Swiss timepieces with both automatic and quartz movements. Founded in the 1860s, Tag Heuer has focused on producing luxury goods at relatively affordable prices, and has become one of the most widespread watch brands today. Changing the date (or time) on a Tag Heuer is simple with the correct instructions.

Hold the Tag Heuer in your left hand, to allow easy access to the watch crown.

Turn the crown counter-clockwise to unscrew it from the body of the watch. Only Tag watches with higher water resistance will require this step.

Pull the crown away from the body of the watch. This will place the crown in position 2.

Turn the crown counter-clockwise to adjust the date.

Pull the crown out to position 3 if you need to adjust the time as well. Rotate the crown clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the time.

Return the crown to the original position. Screw the crown down in a clockwise direction if it was unscrewed in the second step.