How to Reset a Tissot T-Touch

by Julius Vandersteen ; Updated September 28, 2017

Tissot’s waterproof T-Touch watch has a touch-sensitive display and shows both analog and digital time. It has a thermometer to track the temperature wherever you go, an altimeter to reveal the height of your location above sea level, a compass to help you navigate and a chronograph for timing events. The meteo feature indicates weather trending, such as bad, stable or good weather. You can easily reset a Tissot T-Touch watch by following a few simple steps.

Press the “T” button on the middle right side of the watch.

Press the center of the watch face.

Push the “Plus” button on the top right side of the watch to advance the minute hand to the correct time.

Press the “Minus” button on the bottom right side of the watch to advance the hour hand to the correct time. The digital display will synchronize with the minute and hour hands.

Press the “T” button to save the changes.

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