How to Factory Reset a Citizen Eco Watch

by Mark Slingo ; Updated September 28, 2017

A watch that does not require a battery change can save you the time of having to have a professional replacement. The Eco-Drive range of watches from Citizen charge themselves through perpetual movement of the arm creating kinetic energy. If you let the watch run down by leaving it inactive for a few days, then you will need to reset it after charging.

Unscrew the watch crown until you feel it pop free if you have a screw-down crown. Pull it out gently to the time-setting position.

Leave the crown out for 30 seconds, then push it back in.

Pull the watch crown out to the date-setting position. Turn the crown counter-clockwise to set the date.

Pull the watch crown out to the time-setting position. Turn the crown clockwise or counter-clockwise to set the watch time.

Push the crown back to its starting position. Screw it into the locking position if necessary.


  • If you have a Citizen Eco-Drive watch with more than basic features, then the procedures for each watch vary by model. You should consult your manual for any further procedures required for resetting your Citizen timepiece.

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