How to Fix a Self-Winding Watch

Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Watches have been powered by different sources over the years. While there are a number of watches that you have to manually wind to power, there are also watches with internal batteries and kinetic watches that self-wind when triggered by the natural movement of your body. If a self-winding watch does not appear to be working you can try and manually wind it before resorting to taking it to be professionally repaired by a licensed watch dealer.

Unscrew the crown of the watch until it pops out to the first position. The first position is the manual-wind station.

Look at the watch face to ensure you are not moving the hands or date and turn the crown clockwise. Turn the crown 30 times. Pull the crown out to the other positions to set the date and time. Push the crown back in and screw it into its locking position. The second hand should be moving.

Take or send the watch to your nearest watch dealer or repair station. If you have a brand name watch then it is a good idea to use an approved repair service so not to void any warranties. Explain to the dealer that the automatic watch is not working. The dealer might be able to fix it on the spot or the watch may have to be sent away for repair.