How to Restart a Bulova Marine Star

The Bulova Marine Star is a self-winding watch. If you lay the watch down, or tuck it in a drawer so the self-winding weight does not turn the mechanism that winds the watch, the watch may stop. Restarting the watch is just a mild inconvenience. The self-winding feature may wind the watch's mainspring a bit when you pick the watch up. However, you may have to take a few more measures to get your watch moving again.

Observe the watch’s second hand. If the second hand is not moving, make sure the crown -- the watch winder -- is pushed in all the way.

Watch the second hand. If the second hand is not moving, pull the crown out until it stops. Wind the crown clockwise. The watch should begin to run.

Examine the second hand again. If the second hand is still not moving, grasp the watch firmly and move your hand vigorously to move the weight that powers the self-winding feature of the watch.

Observe the second hand a final time. If the second hand is not moving, download a Bulova Service Request Form at and send the watch to the Bulova Repair Center in Queens, New York.