How to Repair Citizen Watches

If your Citizen watch frequently displays the incorrect time, you can perform a quick repair to solve the problem. The repair that you need to do is a simple troubleshooting method requiring no tools. If your Citizen watch requires professional servicing, there are service centers located across the country that will repair in-warranty and out-of-warranty watches. In-warranty watches are repaired at no cost if the watch’s condition does not void the terms, and out-of-warranty watches are repaired at a price dependent upon the type of repair work that is needed.


Remove the Citizen watch from devices or environments that emit magnet or static electricity pulses. Devices you may come in contact with include refrigerators, televisions, cellphones or clasps on handbags.

Pull out the watch’s crown once the second hand reaches the 0 position.

Turn the crown, using your fingers, until the hour and minute hands are on the correct time.

Push in the crown to set the time.

Repair Service

Write a letter describing what repairs your watch needs or the problems you have been experiencing. Include your contact information - name, mailing address, email address and daytime phone number. Citizen also suggests that you include the watch’s serial number and case number.

Locate and make a copy of your warranty card or proof of purchase.

View and write down the mailing address of service center from the list of Citizen Repair Services. Consult Resource 2.

Purchase a padded envelope or box at your local post office, and insert your watch and documents.

Mail your watch to the authorized service center. Use a mailing service that offers package tracking and insurance.