How to Troubleshoot a Citizen Skyhawk That Stopped Working

The citizen skyhawk watch uses radio-controlled signals to automatically update the time and uses solar power to operate the watch. However, you can encounter problems with both the radio signals and the power that causes the watch to stop functioning properly. You have a few troubleshooting methods that allow you to make adjustments to keep the watch operational.

Expose the watch to light. The Skyhawk has a power-saving function that automatically shuts the watch off after 30 minutes of no exposure to any kind of light. If you always keep the watch exposed to light, this will keep the watch operational.

Avoid radio wavelength interference. The Skyhawk uses radio waves to automatically set the correct time. If your watch cannot receive the radio waves, it automatically shuts off. Avoid any area with electrical lines, electronics that give off wavelengths, such as television, cell phones and computers, and buildings that restrict wavelengths, such as concrete high-rises.

Charge the watch under direct sunlight. The watch uses direct sunlight to charge the battery. A full charge requires that you leave the watch under sunlight for eight hours. If your watch does not function properly, a common issue may be loss of charge.