How to Fix a Casio Edifice Watch

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The Casio Edifice refers to a line of technologically advanced products manufactured by the Casio corporation. Their sleek design, use of atomic timekeeping and ability to convert light energy to electric energy distinguishes these watches from traditional timekeeping devices. Casio watches, including the Edifice line, come with a standard one-year warranty that covers repairs under certain conditions. If your Edifice watch needs repair after the warranty period has expired, Casio will fix it for a fee. Before sending it out for service, perform troubleshooting to assess whether a repair is necessary.


Place the watch in a light source for approximately 15 minutes to remove the watch from power recovery mode. When the watch's alarm sound is used excessively in a short time frame, it may enter power recovery mode. In power recovery mode, the watch's hands no longer move, and the watch is overall inoperable.

Remove anything covering the watch’s face, to get the watch out of sleep mode. A long-sleeved shirt that covers the watch’s face partially or fully can send it into sleep mode. In sleep mode, the second hand does not move from the 12 o'clock position if the watch is asleep for at least 60 minutes. All functions shut down except for the watch's internal timekeeping mechanism if the watch is asleep for six or more days.

Press the top right button, position “B,” to exit stopwatch mode. If you don't press “B,” the stopwatch will continue timing until the clocked time reaches 23 minutes 59.99 seconds, even if you have left the stopwatch function .

Aim the 12 o’clock numeral of the watch's face toward a window and away from metal objects to successfully receive the time calibration signal. The time calibration signal refers to the time synchronization technology between the Edifice watch and the preset time calibration radio transmission signals it receives from atomic clocks.

Turn off the auto light switch if it light activates without your consent and is a disturbance. Vibrations such as when you operate a bike, motorcycle or vehicle may cause the light to activate unexpectedly.

Warranty Repair Service

Locate your receipt that shows the date of your Casio Edifice watch purchase, and make a copy.

Go to Casio’s Authorized Service and Support-Service Centers page, and locate the authorized service center for your area. Consult the reference section for the appropriate link.

Mail or physically take your watch and sales receipt to the service center. Your watch will be repaired for free.

Out-of-Warranty Repair Service

Call the authorized service center that corresponds to your geographical location. Consult the reference section for the appropriate link.

State that you are having an issue with your Edifice watch, and ask for a repair estimate.

Review the written repair estimate that you will receive in the mail, and follow the instructions that are provided to assist in getting your watch serviced.