How to Start a Seiko Kinetic

Seiko kinetic watches have a movement that converts kinetic energy into electricity. A Kinetic watch charges by the natural movement of your wrist or simply by shaking the watch. When the watch is not being worn or wound, it relies on its charge reserves to continue working, but eventually will stop keeping time. A seiko kinetic watch is easy to restart.

Swing your Kinetic watch from side to side 200 times at a rate of about two swings per second. To charge the watch with one full day of power, swing the watch side to side 400 times.

Set the correct time on the watch once it has a charge and begins working.

Wear the watch every day to maintain a charge. Wearing the watch for 12 hours will charge the watch for four days. If you wear it for 12 hours a day for seven days, the watch will be fully charged, which means it will stay charged for one month. If you always want to keep your watch charged and do not wear it often, consider buying a watch winder, which swings the watch when you are not wearing it.