How Do You Wind a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch?

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch is one of the most exquisite wrist-worn timepieces available on the market. With it's traditional good looks and flashy style that is still well short of ostentatious, the Oyster Perpetual is a fine piece of quality workmanship. Adding to the allure of this watch is the ease with which it remains wound, using the normal motions of a human wearer to supply all the energy it needs.

Set the date and time using the triplock crown. The triplock crown (the small, round cog on the watch's right side) can be used to set the date and time if the watch has stopped or if the correct time is not already shown. Simply pull the triplock crown out until it clicks into its first stop, then gently rotate it (toward your thumb if you are wearing the watch) to adjust the date. Pull the triplock crown out to its next stop and repeat the process to adjust the time. When the correct date and time are shown, push the triplock crown all the way back into its resting place. An authentic Rolex watch should not feature a triplock crown that needs to be screwed into place.

Wear the watch often to keep it wound. The Rolex perpetual mechanism is specially designed to wind the watch using the motion of your arm, so it is important to wear the watch often in order to keep it operating. You should be fine if you do not wind your watch overnight, as the timepiece should build up more than enough energy for overnight operation throughout the day.

Move often and resist long periods of idle sitting. Frequent movement is always good for exercise and health purposes, but moving your arm while wearing your Rolex watch ensures the proprietary mechanisms that keep your watch wound are activated. The watch should easily build up sufficient energy to withstand long periods of inactivity (such as long flights or meetings, for example), but simple actions like shaking your wrist after looking at the time or swinging your arms naturally while you walk will ensure your Rolex continues to keep track of the time and date.

When not wearing the watch, an automatic watch winder can keep your Rolex Oyster Perpetual wound for you. These relatively inexpensive devices add considerable convenience to the ownership of a perpetual watch by simulating the movement of a human arm while the watch is not in use. The periodic (or, on some models, constant) turning motion of the watch winder keeps the winding mechanism activated, ensuring the proper date and time are maintained. For casual users of Rolex watches, though, these devices are completely optional; if the watch should lose power, it can easily be reset using the steps outlined in Step 1.