Instructions for How to Set a Stauer Watch

Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from

Stauer watches traditionally have many different display dials that can be altered by pressing the corresponding buttons on the side of the watch. This can be done simply by pressing the buttons and scrolling through the options. Setting the time and date requires more advanced work, although it can easily be completed by somebody without an in-depth knowledge of watches. After you wind and set the correct date and time, your Stauer watch should maintain accuracy and consistency.

Twist the crown of your Stauer watch counterclockwise about five rotations, until it clicks out of the locked position. The crown is the button on the side of the spindle, usually at the 3:00 position, which is used to alter the date and time. Your watch's crown was machine tightened, so use slight force to twist it.

Wind the crown clockwise about 20 rotations to ensure that the mechanism is prepared. If the hands of your watch or the date display changes during this process, push the crown in toward the watch to return it to the proper setting.

Pull the crown out until you feel it click once. Move the crown counterclockwise until the desired date is reached.

Pull the crown out to its furthest setting, and rotate it in either direction to the desired time.

Reset your watch by pushing the crown back to the initial stage, and then tightening it by rotating it clockwise. The crown should now be tight to the spindle, and the second hand should be ticking.