Instructions for Pulsar Watches

Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from

Pulsar watches are quartz watches that are activated by movement and powered by winding. The basic operation includes setting the correct time on the watch and winding at times when the watch stops or seems more sluggish. By winding normally and consistently, the user can ensure the watch continues to stay consistent. Pulsar watches are water resistant and can withstand normal submergence in baths, showers and pools.

Start the mechanism in a stalled or brand new watch by swinging the watch in a pendulum motion for at least 30 seconds. Hold the topmost part of the clasp strap while swinging the watch. Continue to swing until the second hand begins to tick. Continue to swing for a few more moments to ensure proper use.

Set the watch by pulling out the crown piece (or dial) located on the right side of the watch. Slowly turn the crown piece clockwise to move the minute hand in full rotation, and the hour hand one move for each minute rotation. When the correct time is set, press the crown piece back into the body of the watch.

Continue to turn the crown piece (or dial) on the watch to wind the watch to a charge for continued use. Turn the dial until there is no resistance (this will indicate the threads on the inside of the watch have been completely exhausted). Wrap the watch around the users wrist and buckle the strap. Continue to wind daily to ensure proper use.