How to Set the Date on a Tissot PR50 Watch

Tissot is one of the oldest and most renowned watch manufacturers in the world. The Swiss company was founded by Charles Tissot in 1853 and currently resides underneath the Swatch Watch Group. It is known for its elegant and user-friendly time pieces that range from $300 to $600. The PR50 is one of the most popular ranges of Tissot wrist watch that come in both men's and ladies styles. You can set the date on a Tissot P50 via a small and easy-to-operate crown piece located on the right hand side of the watch.

Pick the Tissot watch up with your left hand. Place your right thumb on the top of the small crown piece located on the right hand side of the watch and your right index finger underneath the crown piece.

Grip the crown piece firmly between your fingers and pull it gently to your right. The crown piece will click into place. Pull the crown piece gently to the right until it clicks into place for the second time. This is the position in which you will adjust the date.

Wind the crown piece in a forward direction slowly while gripping the crown between your right thumb and index finger. You will see the date on your PR50 watch face roll to the next number. Continue winding the crown piece in a forward direction until you reach the correct date.

Push the crown piece to the left, towards the watch, until it restores to its original position.