How to Adjust the Date on a Fossil Blue Watch

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Several blue Fossil watch models feature a date counter near the number "3" that displays the day of the month. You cannot program the month into the watch so the date counter counts to "31" every month. This means you must reconfigure your Fossil watch on the first of each month. Regularly setting your Fossil watch ensures you always have the correct day of the month at hand.

Locate the dial, known as the crown, on the right side of the watch. There may be other buttons, depending on your precise model of Fossil watch. Find the crown to the right of the "3" marker.

Pinch the crown between your thumb and forefinger and pull it outward one click. The crown has three possible settings: 1 or down, 2 or the middle and 3 or up. The crown is in position 2 after one click.

Spin the crown clockwise; the date counter advances forward, passing 31 and starting over at 1. Ensure the date counter shows the correct date and push the crown back down to position 1.