How to Change the Date on Bulova Watches

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Many bulova watches come with a special date display that moves with the watch to show the correct day of the month. Since the mechanism cannot know which month of the year it is, many Bulova watches need adjusting once a month. The date display advances from "1" to "31" regardless of the month.

Wait until the second hand reaches the the "12" mark and pull the "Crown" dial on the side of the watch out as far as it will go. You will feel and hear two tiny clicks. The watch stops.

Spin the crown dial so the hands move clockwise until the date display shows the correct day. You might have to spin the crown for several minutes before the correct date appears.

Take note of when the date counter advances. The display ticks over to the next day at midnight and not midday. If the date counter changed the last time you passed "12:00" you are setting a.m. time. If the date counter did not advance you are setting p.m. time. It's important to get a.m. and p.m. correct so the date counter moves at the right time.