Instructions for Setting the Time on a Citizen Nighthawk

The Citizen Nighthawk watch is a large timepiece with the traditional hour and minute hands, as well as a 24-hour hand. Nighthawk watches have markings that glow in the dark and are solar powered. The watches were originally designed for pilots, and come with a small slide ruler embedded in the side of the watch. Even with all this watch's bells and whistles, setting the time on the Citizen Nighthawk is similar to setting the time on most watches.

Locate the crown on the right side of the Nighthawk watch and pull it out to the time-setting position. When in the time-setting position, the second hand will stop moving.

Turn the crown clockwise to set the 24-hour and minute hands. Push the crown back into place. The second hand will begin to move when the crown is back in the correct position. The 24-hour hand is shorter than the hour hand.

Pull the crown out to the date-setting position, which is the first setting position. If you were to continue to pull on the crown you would be in the time-setting position once again.

Turn the crown to the right (clockwise) to set the hour, or to the left (counter-clockwise) to set the date. Push the crown in to finish.