How to Fix a Broken Replica Rolex Watch

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Replica watches are made with cheaper movements inside so they can be sold for much less than the genuine items. If your Rolex replica is broken, you cannot take it to a Rolex dealer to be fixed, so you must attempt to fix it yourself or take it to another watch repair center to see if they can solve the problem. This depends on what is wrong with the watch, but repairing it often can cost you more than you paid for the watch.

Place the watch face down. Set the watch opener screws into the notches on the back of the watch and turn the opener counterclockwise to open the watch casing. Remove the watch case back.

Try to locate the problem. Remove the battery (you can use a toothpick) and replace it with a new one. Reattach the back of the watch and turn the opener clockwise to tighten it. See if the mechanism starts to work again.

Take the watch to a watch repair shop if you cannot locate and fix the problem. Explain to the shop that the watch is a replica and ask whether it can be fixed. If the shop can fix it for a reasonable price, arrange the repair.