How to Change the Battery in a TechnoMarine

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TechnoMarine watches are designed to be waterproof and able to withstand the pressures of underwater sports such as diving, surfing, and swimming. In order to make its watches waterproof, TechnoMarine pressurizes the internal chamber of each watch. After changing the battery in a Technomarine watch, it must be repressurized to maintain its waterproofing. Pressurization of the watches requires specialized machinery that is exclusively available to TechnoMarine's registered technicians. TechnoMarine watches must have their batteries changed by one of these registered technicians; otherwise the watch's warranty is voided and you run the risk of damaging your timepiece.

Purchase a replacement battery for your model TechnoMarine watch.

Locate one of TechnoMarine's registered watch repair services.

Bring the battery and your watch to the watch repair service, and request that a technician replace the battery in your TechnoMarine watch. A registered technician will replace the battery in your watch and pressurize its internals.