How to Establish Texas Residency

If you are interested in becoming a permanent resident of Texas, there are several steps you must follow. The process is not difficult, but it will require some patience on your part.

Move to the state of Texas. Being one of the largest states in America, some of the world's largest cities are found here including Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, El Paso and Amarillo.

Establish it as your home for at least one year. Either a rent or purchase your home. Just be certain that the name of the individual who is attempting to be a permanent resident in the state of Texas has their name on the deed or rental agreement.

Purchase state vehicle insurance and then register for a Texas license plate for the designated vehicles. Also, obtain your Texas driver's license at the DMV.

Maintain a job in the state of Texas for at least a year. Save all bank statements and pay check stubs. Also, keep any tax documents that may help prove your case for becoming a permanent resident of the state of Texas.

Receive your voter registration card after living in the state of Texas for one year. This can be done by visiting your local courthouse and speaking with the chancery clerk of the town. He will be able to get you registered and you will receive your card a couple of weeks later.

Contact the State of Texas government offices. Speak with the director of residency and determine what documents you should mail or fax them. You will then be considered a legal, permanent resident of the state of Texas.