How to Get Married by the Justice of the Peace in Oklahoma City

by Kate Bruscke

Marriage laws in the state of Oklahoma vary slightly by county; however, to get married in Oklahoma City, couples must be over the age of 18 (16 with parental consent), have at least six months elapsed since the date of a finalized divorce and obtain a marriage license. Once a license is filed with the county, the ceremony can be performed by any ordained (or recognized) clergy or a judge/justice of the peace who has his appointment or paperwork on file with the county clerk serving the area of residence.

Step 1

Locate a local justice of the peace online or in a telephone directory.

Step 2

Contact the justice's office to make an appointment for the wedding ceremony.

Step 3

Attend the ceremony and have the marriage license endorsed by the justice of the peace, two adult witnesses, and the bride and groom.

Step 4

Return the marriage license to the county clerk of Oklahoma County.

About the Author

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