How to Get Married by a Justice of the Peace in Texas

If you want to get married by a Justice of the Peace in Texas, you're going to have to follow some rules. You need a marriage license and an appointment. That's it. Tough rules, sure, but don't try to bend them. It doesn't matter if you are eloping or just want a small private ceremony. You need the paperwork in advance, so take the necessary steps to plan.

Apply for a marriage license from a Texas "County Clerk's Office." The license may be issued by any county clerk in the state. The $67 fee, as of 2011, can be paid by cash or credit card. Additionally, both parties must be over 18, have valid ID and may not have been divorced in the last 30 days.

Request a list of the phone numbers for the Justices of the Peace in your area from the County Clerk's Office.

Call the office of the Justice of the Peace that you would like to perform your ceremony and schedule a date for the wedding. You must wait at least 72 hours from when your marriage license was issued to be married.