How to Get a Fast Divorce in Louisiana

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A divorce is the dissolution of a legal marriage. Divorce is never pleasant, but it does not need to last years and cost tons of money. You can file for divorce in Louisiana on your own to avoid attorney fees and expenses. If it is an uncontested divorce, than any disputes will also be avoided. The mandatory waiting period and the filing fee is the only thing standing between you and the single life. You can file for a divorce in Louisiana on your own, as long as you meet the basic residency requirements and fill out the divorce papers.

Confirm that you and your spouse meets the residency requirements to file for a divorce in Louisiana. You must be a resident in the state for at least a year to file.

Find grounds for divorce. Louisiana grants no-fault divorce, but a couple must be separated for at least six months before they petition for a divorce. Couples with children need to wait a year. Other grounds include a felony and sentencing of death or imprisonment, or adultery.

Go to your district court and obtain the proper divorce papers. The petition will need contact information for you and your spouse and relevant information about the marriage.

File the court papers with a Louisiana district court. The filing fee must be paid before your spouse can be served with the divorce papers. You can file a financial hardship form to waive the fee, but you must be suffering from some type of financial hardship.