How to Hire a Minister for a Funeral

How to Hire a Minister for a Funeral. Funerals are one of many events where you must find a minister to perform the ceremony. Although if the deceased is not a member of a religious organization or a specific church, the sad occasion of death may require you to hire a minister for a funeral.

Ask the funeral home that will be performing the burial for their clergy recommendations to hire a minister for a funeral. They should also supply you with available names and qualified individuals who can perform the funeral ceremony.

Contact a local church or the deceased person's church to ask the minister there for his/her services for burying someone.

Find out what the rates are if you hire a minister for a funeral. This can be obtained from a national list online. You can also obtain this from the local funeral home or the church or religious association that the minister represents.

Request that the hired minister contact you before the funeral services so that you can go over any details or information you want included in the eulogy.

Secure a signed contract from the person performing the ceremony. When you hire a minister for a funeral, you are performing a business transaction and should conduct it as such. The contract doesn't have to be elaborate or too sophisticated. If it simply states the terms of the contract between two parties, this would be sufficient for any legal issues.