How to Become a Legal Wedding Officiant in New Jersey

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Let’s say you have a friend who would like have a wedding on the beach in New Jersey, but can’t find a minister to come out there on the date selected. It’s your friend’s dream to do this, so what can you do to make this dream come true? In just a short amount of time, you could become an ordained minister online. In New Jersey, anyone can perform marriages and civil unions if they become an ordained minister of any religion.

Search in your browser to locate websites that offer applications for becoming an ordained minister.

Research your options to determine which one is best for your needs and is recognized by New Jersey.

Complete the online application with the required personal information, using your legal name.

Print your certificate, keeping it on file to provide as proof you have met the requirement to officiate over a wedding in the state of New Jersey.

Check local requirements in the county where you are performing the ceremony to see if there are any additional requirements on documentation or specific processes you need to follow.