How to Get Certified to Marry Someone in Michigan

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In Michigan, only ordained ministers, judges, mayors and county clerks can perform weddings. In order to be certified to marry someone in Michigan, you would have to hold one of the above jobs or become an ordained minister. Becoming an ordained minister is the easiest route to being able to legally marry someone. There are different websites and religious organizations that allow people to become ordained rather quickly and with very few steps. There are ministries that will allow you to become ordained for free and with no yearly membership fee.

Search online for ministries and churches that offer ordination. Fees and exact requirements will vary widely, so research your options. There are some churches that ordain ministers for free. Michigan law recognizes ordained ministers from any recognized church.

Fill out an online application for ordainment from the website you choose. You must enter your legal name on the form. Some sites may mail you an application rather than allowing you to fill out an online form.

Wait for your application to be reviewed. Although many of websites promise ordination quickly, the application still has to be reviewed before you can be ordained. However, you will often receive confirmation of your ordination within 2-3 business days.

Print out your ordination certificate for your records. Once your application is accepted, your name will be forwarded to a database of ordained ministers. There is no renewal and the ordination is good for life.

Order an ordination certificate or a letter of good standing. Most online ministries can also provide a hard copy of the certification or a letter of good standing which may be required by the county where you will be performing the marriage ceremony. Speak to the clerk at the county courthouse to see if any documentation is required.

Sign the wedding certificate after marrying someone. When performing a wedding ceremony, you are responsible for completing and signing the wedding certificate. Give the duplicate part of the certificate to the wedding couple and mail the other part to the county clerk within ten days.