How to Become Ordained to Marry Someone in Illinois

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When a couple is getting married, they usually want the ceremony to reflect who they are and to share the moment with very special people in their lives. More than ever, couples are choosing to have close friends and family officiate their weddings, especially if they are not religious. In Illinois, it is legal for virtually anyone to become ordained to marry someone. It is easy to get ordained almost instantly simply by going online and applying with an online ordination service.

Know the marriage law for Illinois. In Illinois, anyone may perform a marriage ceremony as long as they hold a valid minister's license. Some counties in Illinois may require that the person performing the ceremony also be registered with them as a valid minister. As of 2010, the registration fee was $32 for a two-year registration.

Search for online ordination services. Many religious and non-religious organizations offer ordination online. Some of the most popular include Universal Life Church and American Marriage Ministries.

Complete the online application for ordination. For most websites, this will include your full name, date of birth, gender and address. You may also be prompted to create a password for the site so that you can access your approved certificate when your request is granted. While some online ordination services may charge a fee to be affiliated with their church, the Universal Life Church and American Marriage Ministries online ordination services are completely free.

Wait for your application to be processed. Wait times vary depending on the service you choose. Universal Life Church typically processes applications within 72 hours. You will receive email confirmation of your ordination.

Order a hard copy of your ordination certificate. In some cases, specifically counties that require you to be registered, you will need an official hard copy of your ordination. When you receive your confirmation email, typically you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a hard copy certificate that can be mailed to you. Some ordination services may already include the cost of the certificate in the ordination fee.