How to Get a Tax Exempt Certificate for a Church in Ohio

Churches in Ohio are automatically exempt from paying sales tax on certain transactions. However, to receive the exemption, a tax exempt certificate must be completed and provided to the vendor from whom you purchase taxable goods or services. You do not need a sales tax exempt identification number from Ohio, and you do not need to submit any paperwork to the state on behalf of the church to receive the exemption.

Obtain the tax exempt certificate you require from the Ohio Department of Taxation ( Be aware that there are several types of exemption certificates. Use a blanket certificate, which has no expiration date, to cover all purchases you make from a vendor from the date you provide the certificate. Use a unit, or single-use, certificate to cover purchases you make from a vendor in an isolated transaction; you may not use a single-use certificate on a later date. Use a multiple points exemption certificate to purchase items from vendors that have multiple vending avenues, such as online or in-store; select either a blanket or single-use multiple point exemption on this form. Use specialty exemption forms for construction or contract services you receive for church property and a motor vehicle exemption certificate for any church vehicle purchases.

Complete the exemption form. Provide the name of the vendor, information on your anticipated purchases and the church’s name and address; however, each form may require slightly different information. Have the form signed by a church official authorized to delegate financial purchases.

Give the exemption certificate to the vendor. Expect the vendor not charge or collect sales tax from the church upon receipt of the exemption form.