How to Repair Revo Sunglasses

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Revo is a brand of sunglasses manufactured and marketed by Luxottica Group S.p.A. Revo warrants their sunglasses for a period of either one or two years depending on the date the sunglasses were purchased. Revo will repair or replace defects in material or workmanship through this warranty program. If you have damaged or broken Revo sunglasses that are not covered by Revo's warranty, Revo will repair or replace the sunglasses for an assessed fee.

Call Revo customer service at 888-940-7386. The Revo customer service representative will determine if your sunglasses are covered by the warranty or if you will have to pay a service fee to repair or replace the sunglasses. The customer service representative will give you a return authorization number (RMA) and let you know the cost for any repair not covered by the warranty.

Package your broken sunglasses in a cardboard box.

Prepare a letter for the package that includes your name, return address and telephone number. Place the letter and a copy of the proof of purchase or purchase receipt inside the box and also include a check made payable to Revo for any repairs not covered by Revo's warranty.

Ship the package to:

REVO Warranty Department RMA# 1 Icon Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

It is advisable to use a shipping service that offers both insurance and package tracking. The RMA number must appear on the shipping label.