How to Repair a Coach Purse

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Coach purses are not only a status item, they are considered to be quality handbags that last a lifetime. To hold this standard, Coach offers a certified repair service should your bag become damaged during use or due to factory defects. This repair service will evaluate your bag, make necessary repairs and in some cases offer a replacement or a credit voucher to replace irreparable bags. You can either mail in your Coach bag for repair, or bring it into a local retail store.

Send to Coach Directly

Fill out and print a copy of Coach’s Repair Service Request Form, which you can find online. Include your credit card number or a personal check to cover return shipping and processing costs.

Pack the bag carefully in a box for mailing, with the form -- and check, if applicable -- tucked inside.

Mail the bag via the U.S. Postal Serice or UPS to: Coach Attn: Repairs One Coach Way Jacksonville, FL 32218

Insure the package in case it gets lost or damaged, if you wish.

Allow four to six weeks for processing and repair of your Coach bag.

Via a Retail Store

Bring the bag into your local Coach store for repair.

Fill out paperwork for the repair, and pay for return shipping and processing.

Transfer your bag to an associate, who will send the bag in for factory repairs or evaluation for replacement.