How to Repair a Coach Purse

by Kate Bruscke ; Updated September 28, 2017

Coach purses are not only a status item, they are considered to be quality handbags that last a lifetime. To hold this standard, Coach offers a certified repair service should your bag become damaged during use or due to factory defects. This repair service will evaluate your bag, make necessary repairs and in some cases offer a replacement or a credit voucher to replace irreparable bags. You can either mail in your Coach bag for repair, or bring it into a local retail store.

Send to Coach Directly

Step 1

Fill out and print a copy of Coach’s Repair Service Request Form, which you can find online. Include your credit card number or a personal check to cover return shipping and processing costs.

Step 2

Pack the bag carefully in a box for mailing, with the form -- and check, if applicable -- tucked inside.

Step 3

Mail the bag via the U.S. Postal Serice or UPS to: Coach Attn: Repairs One Coach Way Jacksonville, FL 32218

Step 4

Insure the package in case it gets lost or damaged, if you wish.

Step 5

Allow four to six weeks for processing and repair of your Coach bag.

Via a Retail Store

Step 1

Bring the bag into your local Coach store for repair.

Step 2

Fill out paperwork for the repair, and pay for return shipping and processing.

Step 3

Transfer your bag to an associate, who will send the bag in for factory repairs or evaluation for replacement.


  • Coach also offers “do-it-yourself” replacement kits for straps and turnlock closures. Contact Coach customer service for more information.


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