How to Ship a Mink Coat

violin and the fur coat image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

You may want to send your gorgeous mink coat to a family member as a gift or to someone for cleaning and storage. Whatever your reason for shipping your mink, you want to do it correctly so you do not damage the fur and so it reaches its destination safely. Have the coat appraised before shipping so you will know how much insurance to purchase. A mink coat is a valuable item and you do not want to ship it without having insurance that would pay the full amount if it becomes lost.

Wrap the mink coat in a cloth garment bag.

Place the wrapped coat into a shipping box container. Tape the box closed with postage tape.

Take the box to the post office or other shipping facility.

Ask the clerk about insurance on the package. Some shipping facilities cover up to a certain amount on their packages, but you will likely need to purchase additional insurance for a mink coat.

Fill out and sign any insurance forms the clerk gives you.

Tell the clerk you want the package sent registered mail with a return receipt if sending through the USPS. Registered mail has higher security and a return receipt requires the person on the receiving end to sign for the package. That receipt is then mailed back to you so you have a record of who signed for the package.

Pay for the insurance and the postage for shipping the package.