How to Store a Mink Coat


A mink coat is considered a winter necessity by some. Expensive and luxuriant, it needs to be kept in top condition. Worn only during the cold weather, a mink coat spends much of the time in storage. A mink coat that is not properly stored will lose its luster, and the fur may become stiff or matted. Proper storage requires paying attention to the specific needs of fur. Here are some helpful tips.

Store your mink coat in a roomy location. A coat shoved up against other clothing will not be able to breath. Fur needs air to look fresh. Do not cover your mink coat with a plastic garment bag. Place the mink coat in a cloth garment bag, one that is not too snug. Alternatively, you can cover the coat with paper. Hang the coat on a broad hanger. A wire hanger will cause the coat to pull and distort. Also, select a closet that is not too hot or dry. Make sure that it is protected from household chemicals like pesticides, cleaning fluids and hairspray. The chemicals will get into the fur and damage the mink coat. Do not use mothballs. These, too, contain noxious chemicals that will harm your mink coat.

Protect your mink coat from moths by using dried orange, tobacco or geranium leaves. If you keep your coat in storage for a long time, you will need to change these about once every four months. Cedar chests and cedar-lined closets are very bad for your fur. The cedar sucks moisture out of the air. The mink and other furs must be kept in a reasonably humid environment to maintain a fresh look. Also, make sure the closet is not air tight. Take your fur out every so often to air it out.

Maintain your mink coat in top condition. Lightly brush away any dirt before you put it into storage. Do not scrub or rub the fur. This will harm the coat. Stains must be taken care of immediately or your coat could be permanently ruined. If you notice a stain, do not put the mink in storage and leave it till next season. Take the coat to a professional cleaner--one with experience in furs. Do not attempt to remove the stain yourself. If you ruin the coat it may be impossible to repair. And, even if you rarely wear your mink coat, take it out and have it cleaned at least once a year. Keeping your mink in proper condition is essential to maintaining a soft and beautiful-looking coat.