How to Clean a White Fox Fur Coat

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Fur coats can add elegance to any outfit and make a statement about your impeccable taste. This is especially true for white fox fur coats, as they require excessive maintenance if they are to stay clean and bright. The key to keeping your coat clean is to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. However, if an accident happens, prompt spot cleaning is your next best defense. For serious cleaning, you should seek out a professional coat cleaning service, as special equipment and processes are required.

Store your white fox fur coat in a dimly lit, well-ventilated area. The humidity in your storage room should be average, as too dry a room will dry the fur out and too moist a room can cause mildew formation. Allow it plenty of space on the hanging rack.

Remove small debris, such as leaves or sticks, from your fur coat using a pair of tweezers. Unless picked out quickly, debris can become permanently tangled within the fur. Avoid pulling out fur as you groom your coat.

Suspend your coat from a hook or hanger and allow it to air dry completely if it gets wet. Do not attempt to wipe or dab up any water that has accumulated in the fur, as this can cause matting and trap moisture.

Deodorize your fur coat by placing an open box of fresh baking soda in its storage closet. Leave the box in the closet for two to three days, or until the odors have dissipated. Never sprinkle baking soda or any other deodorizer directly onto the coat.

Locate a professional furrier if your coat has yellowed, has several noticeable stains or is beginning to mat. Furrier use a special tumbling process involving sawdust and a chemical cleaning agent to remove dirt, oil and other residue from the fur. Once finished, a glaze is applied to restore the fur's natural sheen. Cleaning is a delicate task and should only be performed by a professional.