How to Get Gas Out of a Coat?

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A trip to the gas station can linger in ways you did not expect if you accidentally spill gasoline on your coat. A highly flammable product, gas has an offensive smell and can leave an oily residue behind, even after a few washes. If you wash gas-soaked clothes before allowing them to air out, the smell can linger longer. Save a washable coat by patiently treating the gas stain before laundering. Take coats labeled as dry clean only to a professional for treatment.

Soak the jacket with a water hose to rinse away large amounts of gasoline. Blot away a small stain with a thick cloth.

Hang the coat on a hanger or clothesline outdoors for 24 hours to allow it to air out. Do not wash the coat while you can still smell the gas; the fumes are flammable.

Lay the coat on a flat surface with the stain facing you. Cover the gas stain with cornstarch or baking soda. Allow the substances to sit for 30 minutes to pull the liquid from the coat.

Hold the coat over a garbage can and brush away the baking soda or cornstarch. Dispose of the garbage by taking the bag outside.

Treat the gas stain with a stain remover, according to the product directions.

Place the coat in the washing machine with laundry detergent, using the hottest water recommended. You may have to wash the coat multiple times.

Remove the coat from the washing machine. Lay it flat to dry and check for gas odors. Do not dry the coat in the dryer until you do not smell any gasoline.