How to Oil Mink Coats


Hemera Technologies/ Images

Fur coats are the garment of choice for those who wish to exude fashion sense while staying cozy and warm. However, rare furs are very expensive and are more of a luxury item than a wearable winter item. Mink is a relatively common and affordable fur which is simple to care for. Over time and after plenty of use, the mink fur may take on a coating of dirt or begin to dry out. You can condition the coat to release its natural oils and restore the fur's natural shine.

Shake out your coat gently to disperse any accumulated surface dust, dirt or debris. Lay the coat, front facing downward, on a clean, flat surface.

Wrap a clean microfiber cloth around your hand. Begin from the shoulders of the coat the stroke straight downward with the cloth, applying firm, even pressure. Continue until you have brushed the entire back of the coat. If your microfiber cloth is soiled, replace it with a new one.

Turn the coat over and continue stroking the front lapels using the same technique as above. Treat both of the sleeves in the same fashion.

Place the coat in an airtight storage bag and hang until you are ready to wear it.