How to Recondition a Suede Coat

Suede is a wonderful material for garments, as long as it is cared for properly. Moisture, dryness and lack of use can leave a suede coat feeling hard and stiff, as well as possibly showing water stains, if it was worn in the rain. Reconditioning a suede coat is not hard to do, and will help keep your suede looking and feeling like new.

Dry clean the coat. You can either take it to a professional, or purchase one of the dry cleaning kits that you can find in nearly any grocery or hardware store. Suede should never be washed in water, it will cause damage, staining and shrinkage.

Brush the suede coat in different directions to lift the nap and soften the suede in preparation for absorbing the conditioner.

Spray the conditioner over the entire coat. Suede conditioner usually comes in an aerosol spray can. Make sure you have the product for suede, and not hardened leather.

Aim warm air over the coat using a blow dryer. This will help the conditioner to be absorbed, and make the suede pliable and soft. Allow the coat to sit for about an hour in a warm place.

Brush the coat again to ensure that the conditioner is worked in well. Your suede coat should look like new, and feel soft and flexible to the touch.