How to Clean a Camelhair Coat

by Timothea Xi ; Updated September 28, 2017

Dry cleaning keeps golden tan camelhair in good condition.

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Hair from the undercoat of the Bactrian camel makes for coats and jackets that are soft to the touch, and when worn able to protect the wearer from extremes of both cold and heat. Camelhair coats may come in pure virgin fiber, and/or mixed with wool or nylon. Woven camelhair products should be dry-cleaned. Treat your camelhair as you would any fine woolen to ensure that your camelhair coat or outerwear lasts for years to come.

Dry clean a woven camelhair coat for best results.

Treat stains immediately. Avoid using hot water, as it could set any stain.

Dry the camelhair coat away from direct heat if it becomes wet, and brush it in the direction of the nap.

Store the coat appropriately to reduce wrinkles. Hang it in a loose-fitting garment bag on a padded hanger in a cool dry place. Let the coat rest between wearings to remove wrinkles.


  • Test any stain removers on an inconspicuous part of the coat prior to using it on the coat itself to make sure they do not damage the camelhair.

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