How to Keep Wool Coats Lint-Free

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Natural, breathable and resilient, wool is the material of choice for many high quality coats. It gives dependable warmth and lasts a lifetime with proper care. The downside of wool is that it attracts unsightly lint and requires consistent maintenance to keep lint under control. Keep your wool coat looking new with regular cleaning and a well-executed plan to keep it lint-free.

Static, Be Gone

Blame static electricity for drawing those fuzzy fabric leftovers to your otherwise sleek wool coat. Because static electricity occurs under hot, dry conditions, fight lint before it has a chance to stick by keeping your coat out of warm closets or near heat vents or dehumidifiers. If static electricity is a persistent problem in your living space, place a humidifier in your bedroom or other places where you store clothes.

Closet Companions

Think twice before storing your coat with blankets, loosely woven wool sweaters -- like angora -- and cold-weather gear that sheds its fibers. Don't throw on a fuzzy light-colored scarf over your dark wool coat. When hanging your coat for the night, keep an eye on its neighbors in the closet. Similar shades and tightly woven garments are your coat's best friends when it comes to keeping it lint-free.

Anti-Lint Weaponry

Fill your lint war arsenal with a host of weapons. Choose a coat brush with stiff metal bristles and brush it often. Brush against the nap of your coat to remove hidden debris and lint, then brush down to give your coat a smooth appearance. Spray your coat daily with anti-static spray, and regularly apply a lint roller or run pieces of tape down your coat to grab lint and other debris. Keep a travel-size lint roller and anti-static spray in your purse or car for lint-removal on the go.

Wool Selection

When shopping for your next wool coat, consider worsted wool. According to Pendleton Woolen Mills, worsted wool is so tightly woven that it rarely attracts lint. Dark-colored wool tends to reveal the most lint, so choose a lighter shade for the least maintenance.