How Do I Care for a Mink Coat?

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With proper care, a high-quality mink coat can retain its luxurious beauty for many years. Most aspects of caring for mink fur coats are common sense, but such coats do require more care and attention than most clothing items, including careful consideration of what other items you wear with your coat. Depending on the weather in your area, you may need to make special arrangements for your coat during certain parts of the year.

Wear your mink fur coat carefully. Keep an eye out for sharp objects that can tear your coat, and don’t make any movements that may stretch or rip your coat.

Carry a small handbag instead of a shoulder purse when wearing your coat. Over time, regular exposure to a purse strap can wear off some of the fur on one shoulder of the coat.

Avoid using strong fragrances when you wear your mink coat. The chemicals in perfume may damage the coat, which can also absorb the perfume and retain the smell permanently.

Remove your coat before you get into a car. Sliding over a car seat in your coat can damage its hairs, and sitting on your coat for extended periods will flatten the hairs in irregular patterns. Hold it on your lap during the car ride.

Store your mink coat in the closet on a padded hanger. Leave plenty of room between your coat and other objects in your closet, but don’t cover the coat with a garment bag or plastic bag.

Never use heat to dry your coat if it gets wet. If it’s simply damp, shake it out and hang it up to dry naturally. If it is drenched, take it to a furrier immediately for professional treatment.

Take your mink coat to a furrier annually to have it conditioned and cleaned. Unless you live in a very cool climate, consider storing your coat with a furrier in the spring and summer. A furrier will have a vault to keep your coat cool, which will help it stay in good shape for many years.