How to Clean a London Fog Coat

Winter wouldn't be the same without something warm to wear from London Fog. Coats from this popular brand may be down, polyester or wool. All coats are durable, well-made and built to last. To keep your London Fog product looking sharp, clean it when you notice spills or stains. All coats come with care guides. Most London Fog coats can be safely washed at home with attention to detail, but dry cleaning is always the safest option.

Inspect the garment tag on your London Fog coat. This should list the coat's material and washing instructions. Textile Affairs's Guide to Laundry Symbols lists common laundry symbols and their meaning if you are unfamiliar (see Resources).

Wash your down London Fog coat in a bathtub or utility sink filled with warm water and hand-washing laundry soap. Immerse the coat in the warm water, gently pressing it with your fingers. Do not crush or knead your down coat. Allow the coat to remain in the warm water for at least 15 minutes. Drain the sink and rinse the coat in warm water until no traces of suds remain.

Place your down coat in a dryer set on air dry, fluff or low heat. Place a tennis ball in the dryer to help prevent the feathers in your coat from puffing up. You can also dry your down coat on a drying rack.

Take wool London Fog items to be dry cleaned. Wools are tricky to clean and can shrink if exposed to heat. If your wool coat is wrinkled or disheveled, hang in a steamy bathroom to restore it to good condition.

Wash a London Fog polyester coat in your washing machine on a delicate cycle using warm water. recommends adding fabric softener when washing polyester items. You can also hand wash your polyester coat in warm water, using gentle soap.

Dry your polyester London Fog coat in a machine set to low or no heat. Polyester coats can also be naturally air dried.