How to Care for a Burberry Trench

Burberry initially created its iconic trench coat for British soldiers in World War I. Since then, it has spawned countless imitators. Contemporary Burberry trenches consist of cotton material or a cotton and polyester blend. Burberry waterproofs most of its trenches, which makes the garment resistant to many stains and liquids that could potentially damage it. Nevertheless, owners should still exhibit precautionary measures to care for their Burberry trench to keep it in clean, wearable condition.

Store the coat on a wide hanger. A large thick hanger evenly distributes the trench's weight so hanging it doesn't stretch the fibers in the shoulder area.

Keep the jacket buttoned, but not tied or cinched at the waist while it's hanging. Fastening the buttons keeps the garment positioned correctly on the hanger. Tying or cinching the belt only pulls the fibers unnecessarily.

Wrap the jacket in tissue, and store it in a garment box during the off season. If you go months without wearing the coat, store it. Wrap it in acid-free tissue paper. Place it in a structured box in which the other packed materials cannot pull or rub against it.

Blot any standing water on the surface of the coat with a washcloth. A "Good Housekeeping" multi-brand test of trench coat quality showed that Burberry trenches are water resistant, but may develop small water spots if water sits on the surface for more than several minutes. Blot a washcloth on the trench after you get in from rain or snow.

Take your Burberry trench to a trusted dry cleaner when it needs cleaning. Use a cleaner you trust or who you can verify it has an established, successful history with Burberry products.

Contact Burberry Customer Service to discuss maintenance strategies for your garment. Burberry encourages anyone who owns its products to discuss care with a knowledgeable Burberry specialist.