How to Care for Rabbit Fur

Gray rabbit fur as background or texture

Gray rabbit fur as background or texture image by Azazirov from

Rabbit fur is a warm, beautiful and thick fur that comes in a variety of colors. Rabbit fur is used for a variety of products such as blankets, coats, hats and scarves. Regardless of what type of product it is, rabbit fur maintenance and care is very important in preserving its beauty and increasing its lifespan. Rabbit fur is durable, but care must still be taken when cleaning, storing and using your rabbit fur.

Store your rabbit fur in a safe location. Keep the fur in a closet that is not exposed to a lot of heat or light, which can fade the fur. Give the fur room to breathe in the closet by not cramming it in the closet with other garments or items. Rabbit fur coats should be hung on broad-shouldered hangers that are padded.

Keep your fur out of garment bags. Rabbit fur needs air circulation; storing a rabbit fur in a garment bag will inhibit air flow and dry out the fur.

Avoid pinning jewelry or other accessories to your rabbit fur. Sharp necklaces and bracelets should be avoided around the rabbit fur as well to prevent snagging.

Shake out water from your fur if it gets wet from snow or rain. Place the fur in a well-ventilated room to dry out. Shake it out again after it has dried then smooth out the fur with your hands.

Remove stains from the fur promptly. Blot up as much of the stain as possible with a soft rag. Avoid rubbing or the stain may spread. Apply a couple of drops of clear shampoo to a wet rag. Gently work the shampoo into the stained area of the fur. Rinse the area with a rag and plain water. Allow the fur to dry completely, then smooth out the fur with your fingers.

Keep your fur away from strong odors. Smoke, perfume, insect sprays, hairspray and mothproofing products should not come into contact with your fur. These scents may become permanently embedded into the fur.

Send your rabbit fur to a furrier for professional storage over the summer months when it will likely not be in use. Storing a rabbit fur in a closet in the hot summer will dry out the fur. Professional furriers provide cool storage for your fur at a relatively low cost.

Take your rabbit fur to a professional fur cleaner every year. Do not take it to a dry cleaner as they do not have the proper equipment to properly clean your fur.