Care of Pigskin Leather


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Pigskin leather is a medium-weight, inexpensive leather used for many items including jackets and book covers. The leather tends to dry out quickly and needs to be conditioned with a leather conditioner or mink oil regularly to keep the material from cracking. Like other forms of leather, pigskin leather needs to be cleaned and properly cared for. A mild soap solution, non-abrasive cloth and leather conditioner can help keep the pigskin leather clean and crack free.

Cleaning Pigskin Leather

Mix 2 tsp. of baby shampoo and 1 cup of cold water in a small bowl. Stir the mixture well. Dip a soft non-abrasive cloth in the bowl of soap solution. Wring out excess solution and wipe the pigskin leather item with the damp cloth. Do not keep rubbing one spot on the pigskin leather, this will create a non-uniform appearance on the leather item. Wipe the spot in one direction then wipe it in another direction until the spot is gone. Dry the leather with a dry soft cloth or towel.

Conditioning Pigskin Leather

Condition the leather with a leather conditioner or mink oil-soaked non-abrasive cloth. The leather conditioner or mink oil will rehydrate the pigskin leather and keep it from cracking. Do not use a silicone product to condition the pigskin leather--use a oil-based conditioner.

Note, if the pigskin leather item has a clothing tag attached to it, read and follow any directions and recommendations on the tag related to cleaning and conditioning the item.


Keep the item away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Pigskin leather can't handle the sunlight and heat like thicker forms of leather. Store the item in a cool closet that has a low level of humidity. Do not place the item in a closed plastic bag. Hang the item on a wooden or plastic hanger that is wide enough to support it.