How Do You Clean Barbour Jackets?

Barbour, a British clothing company in existence for over 100 years, not only manufactures jackets, but also hats, gloves and other clothing items. Barbour jackets are durable, protected with a wax finish, available in a variety of colors and sold through retail and online outlets. To keep your Barbour jacket clean and like new, you don't need any special cleaners or soap solutions. The jackets are easily cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth and water.

Lay the Barbour jacket on a clean, flat surface.

Fill a small bowl with cold water.

Dip a soft, non-abrasive cloth or towel in the bowl of water. Wring out excess water.

Wipe the jacket gently with the water-soaked cloth or towel. For stubborn stains, rub the spot with light pressure to break up the stain.

Pat the jacket dry with a clean non-abrasive cloth or towel.