How to Keep Suede From Going Stiff

Smiling Woman With Hand on Her Chin Wearing a Suede Hat

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Real suede, a textured calf leather, has a fine, soft nap that flattens and stiffens when not properly maintained. Exposure to water and contact with body oils and the environment can all wreak havoc on expensive suede garments and accessories. Properly clean and store your suede to keep it looking soft and supple.

Clean the suede with a soft suede brush. Wipe away surface dirt and trash that you see. You may use an unused toothbrush, if you have no suede brush. Shoe owners can also use a stale crust of bread to remove dirt from suede.

Remove scuff marks from suede with a pencil eraser or suede eraser bar. Rub the eraser over the marked area until the scuff disappears.

Steam the suede with a hand steamer. Hold the steam wand approximately 10 inches from the garment. The steam will soften the nap. Turn off the steamer and work the nap with a brass-bristled brush to lift and restore the suede. Work in small sections until the entire garment is refreshed. Do not wet or saturate the garment with steam.

Spray restored suede with a waterproofing spray. Allow the waterproofing treatment to cure overnight before wearing the garment.