How to Treat Doc Martens With Mink Oil

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Dr. Martens, often referred to as Doc Martens, were created as a heavy all-purpose work boot and became an integral part of the punk rock fashion movement and style. The all leather boots can become dry and crack if not kept moisturized. Mink oil, the oil derived from the pelt of a mink, can help keep leather supple and soft. A thin layer of mink oil will waterproof and moisturize Doc Marten boots.

Clean Doc Marten boots with a leather cleaner. Apply leather cleaner to the boots and let it sit a few minutes to absorb. Buff away the excess with a shoe polish brush.

Apply a small amount of mink oil to a shoe polish cloth and rub in circles onto the boots. Pay special attention to the seams to help waterproof the boots.

Wipe off the excess mink oil with a clean rag.