How to Buff Boots

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Regardless if sporting cowboy, sleek leather or army boots, you want them to shine. Dirt, scratches and scuff marks steal the gleam from leather boots and reduce the quality of the material. Allowing the dirt to remain embedded within the boot may permanently damage the leather. Remove grime from boots and buff them to a high sheen so they remain looking top shelf.

Remove any shoelaces from the boots.

Moisten a cloth so it becomes damp, but not dripping wet. Wipe dirt and dust from the boots with the cloth. Use an additional damp cloth for extremely dirty boots. Wipe the boots dry with a clean cloth.

Apply 1 tsp. matching shoe polish to a clean rag. Place your hand into the boot and hold it with the toe pointing up towards you. Rub the shoe polish into the boot toe using small circular motions.

Spread the shoe polish around one side of the boot. Add more shoe polish to the cloth as needed. Apply a layer of polish around the entire boot surface. Dig the shoe polish deep into any designs or crevices. Repeat the process on the other boot. Allow the polish to dry for 15 minutes.

Grasp the boot interior with one hand. Brush the boot exterior with a horsehair brush starting at the toe. Apply brisk back and forth motions working your way around the boot. The brushing action removes excess shoe polish residue.

Buff the boots with a soft cloth or diaper. Stretch the cloth taut across the boot toe and rub it back and forth quickly. Repeat the process on the opposite boot.