How to Clean Polo Boots

Man's leather boots on a thick sole on a white background image by terex from

Polo boots are designed to handle the wear and tear that comes from being worn and loved. Made of sturdy leather, the boots are weather-resistant and can provide warmth, dryness and comfort. But they cannot resist the buildup of dirt over time, and will occasionally need a good cleaning to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Dampen a soft cloth in lukewarm, clean water. Wipe away dust, dirt or other buildup with the soft cloth.

Mix equal parts white vinegar and lukewarm water. Dampen a soft cloth with this solution and dab onto the Polo boot to remove stains. Rinse with a rag dampened in clean water to remove any residual vinegar.

Apply a professional leather cleaner if necessary for stubborn stains. These products are available at leather and shoe retailers, and will penetrate into the leather to remove tough stains. Wipe on in thin layers with a soft cloth.

Allow boots to air dry away from heating vents, radiators and other sources of heat. Direct heat can cause the leather to dry out and crack.

Condition the boots with leather conditioner or mink oil once the boots are completely dry. Rub the oil into the leather with a soft cloth, paying close attention to seams. Wipe away any excess conditioner with a clean, soft cloth; buff with the same cloth to obtain a polished look. Allow the boots to air dry.