How to Clean Dr. Martens Shoes


Dr. Martens shoes are a valuable purchase, and you want to keep them looking their best. Dr Martens are different because of the air-cushioned sole created by Dr. Klaus Martens o f Germany in the 1960's. Well made, these shoes will be with you a while and you want to keep them looking fresh and new for years to come.

Scotch Guard your shoes. This is a protective solution that will keep the shoes resistant to stains and spills. Spray on the Scotch Guard outdoors and let dry.

Apply your cleaning solution, such as dish soap, to the exterior of your shoes. Completely soak the shoes to ensure a good coating. Leave the cleaning solution for at least 3 minutes.

Use a dry towel and wipe the shoes to get rid of any dirt. Repeat this process until the boot is free from dirt and grim.

Clean the stitching with wet tooth brush and apply a few drops of shampoo. Brush the stitching vigorously.

Using a damp towel wipe the stitching to remove any remaining shampoo.