How to Take Care of a Hush Puppies Shoe

Hush Puppies shoes are carried in the USA, Europe and Asia. These high-quality shoes come in a range of styles for both men and women, including sandals, casual shoes and dress shoes for women, and sandals, casual shoes, loafers and dress shoes for men. Hush Puppies have a reputation for comfort, but still use quality leather and suede. When you buy quality shoes, it's important to take care of them with protection and cleaning.

Sude and Nubuck

Spray suede or nubuck Hush Puppies with a shoe-specific waterproofing and stain-proofing solution. Spray the liquid in an even coat over the shoes, and allow them several hours of drying time. This will protect the shoes from both water and stains.

Clean the shoes once a week with a shoe brush. Run the brush gently over the shoe to raise the nap of the leather up. Concentrate on areas where shoes have stains; brush these spots repeatedly until the stain lifts out.

Reapply your waterproofing/stain-proofing solution any time you notice that water is soaking into the shoes instead of beading up on the surface. This may occur quickly, within months, if you wear the shoes often. Read the label on the solution to determine how often you will need to reapply.

Smooth Leather

Use a wet sponge to carefully clean any mud or dirt from the outside of smooth leather Hush Puppies shoes.

Dip the sponge in leather conditioning oil and apply an even layer over the leather. This will moisturize and maintain the leather. Allow the oil to sit and soak in for an hour, then blot the shoes dry with a clean cloth.

Polish the shoes using liquid, cream or paste shoe polish. Choose a polish that's the same color as the shoes, and rub it on with a cloth or sponge, using circular motions. This seals and protects the leather against water damage. Repeat once a month, depending on the wear and tear to your shoes.