How to Care for Your Blundstones


Blundstone boots and shoes from Australia are known for their long wear. It is important that you care for this footwear properly to extend the life of your investment. To extend the life and wear of the leather, start the cleaning, moisturizing and shoe care process when your shoes are new. This will extend the life and wear of the leather. For best results, use Blundstone polishes. However, other good quality oil or wax-based polishes may be used.

Lay down a piece of cardboard or a couple of sheets of newspaper on a table or hard work surface to protect your furnishings.

Clean each shoe with a damp cloth, removing any mud, grit, sand or oil. Work by rubbing the cloth in small circles over the leather surface of the shoe. Frequently rinse the cloth with clean water and wring out. Repeat this step until the leather is completely clean. Finally, use a separate damp cloth to clean the soles of the shoe and its edge. If boots are very muddy on the soles, they can first be rinsed under running water.

Take a clean dry cloth and dip in the boot polish. You can also use the oily or waxy polish pads -- depending on the finish of the shoe -- which are already pre-loaded with polish. Apply polish in the same circular motions until the leather is soft and pliant. The leather should have a soft sheen but not look oily or greasy. If it does, you have applied too much polish. Get a clean cloth and remove excess polish, buffing in circles.

Use a clean dry cloth to go over the surface of the leather and buff in small circles. To store damp shoes or boots, stuff them with clean dry newspaper and dry away from direct heat. Most styles have removable insoles. If so, remove these before stuffing with newspaper and let them air out for fastest dry time and odor control.

Once the shoes are dry, remove the newspaper and replace the shoe insoles.